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What Should I Expect?

What should I expect?

The final look will depend largely on the coating selected. While you can be confident of a hard wearing surface and attractive finish, there are some other unavoidable factors which you may need to consider.

As with any sort of renovation or maintenance work, a dusty environment is normal. Although modern floor coating equipment incorporates dust collection, it’s still virtually impossible to eliminate dust completely.

Because the sanding process only removes a fine top layer, any deep cuts or gouges in the timber, either naturally occurring or man made, may not be completely removed. Restoration prior to coating can provide a solution.

The same applies to deeply entrenched stains which may also be difficult to remove completely.

Heavy sanding equipment can leave light swirl marks in the timber which may be highlighted by fluorescent lighting or down lights. However, this is easily avoided with appropriate lighting choices.

Finally, its only normal for there to be slight variations in colour and grain between new and old boards.

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